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From Kiss to Kanye: Stop Being a Dick and Listen to the Radio, Dan

My pal Dan Macrae is writing a detailed history of his music fandom. Read that over here. It’s pretty great. This isn’t the first, nor the last, idea I’ve stolen from him. My wordy response to his challenge is below. … Continue reading

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We’re watching wrasslin’ (and you can too)

Tonight an unsocial experiment! I’m skipping Saskatoon’s exciting Monday night club scene to stay at home and make jokes about pro wrestlers. Because my opinions on Dolph Ziggler’s wardrobe should definitely be recorded for posterity, I’ll be live blogging (LIVE! VIA TECHNOLOGY!) … Continue reading

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YouTube Theatre: Agronomy, Ben Folds and Broadway

Dear blog, If you feel bad that I’ve been ignoring you, consider how my video games feel. These aren’t easy times for any of us. I like you a lot. Don’t get me wrong. I’m quite fond of your colour … Continue reading

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